An umbilical or para-umbilical hernia is a lump (usually small) in, above or below the belly button. Sometimes you can push the umbilical hernia back in but often not. It is usually a protrusion of fat (the bowel rarely is present in an umbilical hernia) and results from a weakness in the abdominal wall muscle sheath.


Repairing an umbilical hernia is generally straight forward and takes about 30 minutes.


Mr Lorenzi will make a small transverse incision above or below the umbilicus (belly button). The hernia sac is often quite small and can simply be pushed back in. If the defect is very small a mesh is not necessary and a couple of strong stitches will be sufficient. In the case of a larger hernia, a small piece of self-fixing mesh is inserted behind the muscles and the fascia sheath repaired over the mesh for a double layer repair. The wound is closed with a continuous running absorbable stitch under the skin. This dissolves over time and does not need to be taken out.


We offer very rarely and only in selected cases a laparoscopic repair for umbilical hernia. Mr Lorenzi will inform you directly if this is your case.


Patients can leave hospital soon after surgery.