An epigastric hernia is a small lump located higher on the abdominal wall above the umbilicus and usually in the area just below the breastbone (or sternum).


It is caused by a defect (usually very small) between the recti muscles (often referred to as the "six pack" if you are fit enough to have one). The hernia sac usually contains just a bit of fat. Occasionally patients have multiple small defects.


The operation to repair an epigastric hernia is very similar to umbilical hernia and takes about 20 to 30 minutes. A small incision is made and the defect is identified between the muscles. For small hernias the defect is repaired with sutures only, or with insertion of a small mesh if the hernia is larger. The skin is closed with an absorbable stitch, which does not need to be taken out.


A keyhole repair is not usually recommended for this type of hernia. Mr Lorenzi will inform you directly if you could benefit for a laparoscopic repair for your epigastric hernia.


Patients can leave hospital soon after surgery.